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We provide a suite of IT Services for small businesses

managed it

First, we listen. What are your goals? What do you need your IT to do? Then we assess your current environment. Next, we bring your systems up to our minimum standard so we can efficiently and effectively manage your network, systems, data and applications. We’ll install multiple layers of cybersecurity defenses. We will backup and protect your data. We’ll set up regular status meetings. We’ll present metrics monthly. You’ll know what your IT is doing, how it supports your business, maybe for the first time ever. And if there is ever a problem, we will be with you until it is resolved.


Amerio Technology Solutions has teams dedicated to delivering Global Cloud Services. Our 10  years in managed Cloud Services affords us the ability to help our Clients solve their Cloud Computing needs.Your cloud is a virtual data center and we manage it with the same care as we give to all of your systems.


As an IT outsourcing provider, Amerio Technology Solutions is dedicated to providing projects teams as well as Information Technology Staffing and Consulting.

mobile service management

Look around the conference room at your next meeting. How many mobile devices are in use? How many are managed? Fewer than you think. But why does it matter? Because every phone and tablet is one click away from infecting your network or ruining your data.

Phones and tablets are a big part of the small business workflow engine. Treat those devices with the same care and respect that you do with desktops and laptops. Don’t let cyber hackers attack through the phone.

We offer Mobile Device Management which secures the phone or tablet while protecting the privacy and integrity of your employee’s personal devices. Keep the business data safe and separate. It’s as simple as installing a smart app on the phone or tablet.

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