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Dr. Asante brings an incredible passion and devotion to exceptional and quality service. In her role as Technology Delivery Manager, she seeks to find quick and practical solutions to make processes as seamless as possible. An adjunct professor, Asante is a double degree holder in Computer science and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership in Information Systems and Technology.


With over 30 years’ experience, she has emerged as a leader in this field for her robust wealth of knowledge in tech and refined approach to organizational growth and development. However, Dr. Asante’s expertise cuts across the areas of Agile, mobile, social media, and Internet technologies.

In her career years, she has earned a proven track record of working closely with others and influencing decision making. A dedicated and proven leader, she continues to lead complex technical teams to deliver organizational value and standards through software and system engineering.


A firm believer in giving back to the community, Dr. Assante is an active participant in her community’s growth and development. She is the recipient of several awards based on community building including IT Woman of the Year, Wells Fargo Corporate Recognition Award for an African American Female Contributor and the Diversity Champion Award Winner.
Dr. Asante is a Mother, author, and also a cancer survivor. She holds the interest of her clients as a priority

PhD student, insights guru and social media aficionado. Sally-Ann hold's extensive experience creating and curating ads, social media posts and enhancing company brands. 

She lives in the Bay Area with her partner and their dog and enjoys being outdoors when she is not teaching classes at UCBerkeley or transforming brands' online presence. 

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